As you can see from this video, TRAILERaider, is a simple and affordable system for any industry utilizing trailers that could benefit from automated offloading and compacting of materials.

TRAILERaider provides for the following benefits:

  • Safety
  • Efficiency of offloading
  • Cost Effective solution to other alternatives
  • Logistical efficiencies with multiple truck and trailer operations
  • Versatile applications within refuse, recycling, farming, oil & gas, etc. industries
  • Low maintenance compared to hydraulic systems
  • Increased employee morale and their safety
  • Reduce costs of landfill offload assistance “pull off” fees charged
  • Lower capital costs and increased return on assets
  • Versatility of handling of segregating multiple material types simultaneously
  • Can handle a wide array of material types

TRAILERaider utility trailer

To learn more about the TRAILERaider and how it may benefit your application, please contact us at 979-777-8968 or email us at

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