The Easter Bunny is on his way! Many things might have changed about the way your family celebrates Easter in light of current events, but you can still put together an Easter basket for your kids and enjoy an egg hunt throughout the house or the yard. However, one thing that hasn’t changed is the dread of cleaning up after Easter celebrations.

Eco-conscious families may be wary of the amount of waste that goes into typical Easter baskets: candy wrappers, paper grass, and even baskets that will all be thrown away as soon as the fun is over. It doesn’t have to be that way, though. Here are a few ways to create a zero waste Easter basket that your kids will still love.

Reusable Basket

Rather than picking up a cheap plastic basket only to throw it away at the end of the day, use a sturdier wicker basket that can be used for multiple years. In many families around Christmas time, everyone has their own stocking which they hang up year after year. You can create a similar tradition with Easter baskets. Allow your kids to pick out their basket. Maybe you can even decorate them together. Then the Easter bunny can fill that particular basket with goodies every year, making it waste free and even a little more special for your kids.

Alternatives to Paper Grass

The “grass” is an essential part of the Easter basket. It lines all the goodies and gives it a sense of spring. But that grass is typically made with paper that is tossed in the trash after the first use. You can avoid this by using shreds of newspapers or magazines that you already have lying around, or straw that you use for composting after the basket is emptied. Want to give your basket a more authentic spring feel? Consider using real grass, especially ryegrass, or wheat.

Creative Egg Solutions

Like a reusable basket, wooden eggs can be used year after year. You can get the kids involved in the fun by painting the eggs with them. This way, you can stuff the eggs with goodies and when they’re finished, you can save them to use for another year. Speaking of the filling, consider baking something sweet for your kids to place inside the eggs, rather than using store bought, wrapped candy. You can even learn to make homemade candy so you can stick to the tradition without relying on wrappers.

Making your Easter basket zero waste is a smart choice for the environment, and one that is totally possible with a little creativity. But it’s more than just smart. The change in your Easter routine can also lead to new Easter traditions with your family and precious memories that you can enjoy for Easters to come.

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