5 Tips For More Eco-Conscious Consumerism

The holidays will be here before you know it, and with them comes all the holiday shopping. But if you’ve spent the year trying to be more eco-conscious in your living and your choices, you may find yourself hoping to make more eco-conscious choices in your consumerism. This can seem daunting on the outset. After […]

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How To Dispose Of Your Yard Waste Responsibly

Fall is finally here, and with it comes yardwork. With leaves falling from the trees, you’ll want to rake the yard before it becomes too chilly to do so comfortably. Now is the time to pull weeds, mulch your gardens to keep them from becoming too cold, and trim away any overgrown trees or bushes. […]

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4 Reasons To Appreciate Trash and Recycling Workers

In the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic, many efforts have been made to appreciate healthcare workers such as nurses, doctors, and EMTs. Essential workers who keep the world spinning while the rest of us are in quarantine have also been given their laurels by the community. Among those essential workers are waste management professionals, especially […]

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Waste Management and Storage For Small Businesses

It’s one thing to handle your waste management responsibly as an individual, or even as a large corporation that has vast resources. But it’s another thing to handle waste management responsibly when you’re a small business trying to make ends meet and trying to grow. Packaging waste, paper and receipts, and office supplies that no […]

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4 Lifestyle Changes You Can Make To Help the Environment

We are at a point in the environmental crisis that anything citizens can do to help reduce their own carbon footprint makes a difference. Many homeowners are aware of recycling or making use of reusable dishware and silverware. However, there are other changes you could make to boost your local environment and, in some way, […]

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The Difference Between Biodegradable and Compostable

Eco-conscious Brazos Valley residents often hear terms like “biodegradable” and “compostable.” It’s clear that these are important traits when it comes to living a greener lifestyle, but what do they mean? Are the two interchangeable, or are there differences in the way they should be handled? Should one be prioritized over the other? In today’s […]

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3 Right Ways to Recycle

Recycling is more than just looking for the recycling label on a container and chucking it into the recycling bin. In fact, careless recycling can sometimes do more harm than good, even contaminating the recycling batch so that none of it can be salvaged. It’s important for conscientious citizens not just to recycle but to […]

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How Plastic Bags Impact the Environment

Plastic bags quickly became a convenient alternative to paper bags at grocery stores. They’re more durable and don’t require cutting down any trees. Even today, though there are reusable grocery bag options, plastic bags are still the most prevalent kind of grocery bag by far. But plastic bags have their own negative impact on the […]

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4 Myths and Misconceptions About Recycling

Many homeowners have good intentions when it comes to recycling and helping reduce their environmental impact. But sometimes misinformed recycling can do more harm than not recycling at all. In fact, recycling the wrong items can even potentially contaminate the whole batch. Unfortunately, there are plenty of myths and misconceptions that have been accepted as […]

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COVID-19’s Impact on Waste Management and Recycling

The COVID-19 pandemic seems to have touched every aspect of our lives. Most people have had to transition to working from home or going without their jobs altogether. Those who still go into work as “essential workers” have had to take safety precautions to protect themselves from infection. Social gatherings and big events have been […]

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