Your trash cans are an important part of your home, and your waste management as a whole even more important. However, dealing with trash cans and garbage bags isn’t exactly the most glamorous of chores and might be a bit of a pain. Maybe you’ve had to deal with slipping bags, leaking trash, animals getting into your garbage cans, or you just dread taking the trash out. Fortunately, there are a few hacks that can help to make things easier for you. Consider the trash issues you might have and then take a look at these helpful hacks.

Spray Trash With Windex

The scent of your trash might not be very pleasant to you, but to a raccoon or a rat, it’s the delightful aroma of an all-you-can-eat buffet. Some try to keep animals out by placing something heavy on their trash can lid or using bungee cords to tie it down. These methods are effective, but do make more work for you every time you have to take the trash out.

If you want something simpler, try spraying windex onto your garbage bags and trash can lid. The scent of ammonia that comes with Windex repels many animals. Mothballs are also an effective way to keep raccoons out.

Use Command Hooks

Command hooks are famous for being small but surprisingly strong. If you struggle with trash bags sinking under the pressure of your usual trash, simply adhere command hooks to the front or sides of your trash can (wherever the drawstring for the trash bag might be found). Then hook the red drawstring to the command hooks. They’ll hold the bag in place so you don’t have to worry about any more slipping.

Add a Few Bags to the Bottom

No one loves taking out the trash. It’s a chore and it takes time away from whatever you might rather be doing. But you can cut down on your time by adding a few empty bags to the bottom of your trash bag, beneath your current bag. When you take out the old bag, you can simply open the new bag and replace it there, rather than having to take the trash out and come back to replace the bag.

Drill Holes In Your Can

Have you ever had to struggle with removing an overly full trash bag from your trash can? Part of the problem is that the lack of space creates a suction that makes the bag “stuck.” You can avoid this by adding in a little air. Drill holes a few inches from the bottom of your trash can and your bag will come free much more easily. Don’t drill holes at the bottom. If your trash bag has leaks and any liquid gets through, you don’t want that to spill onto the floor.

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