Sometimes reusing items in the house isn’t about saving money or helping the environment: sometimes it’s just pure fun. Coming up with new ways to use old things is a creative process that can be a real blast. Especially when it works! You’ll have something real that you can touch and use that others would have thrown away.

Here are a few fun and unusual ways to reuse household items.

Make Your Own Sprinkler System

DIY Sprinkler

Image by byrev@ Pixabay

Don’t throw away your old garden hoses, even if they leak! Instead, seal off one end of the garden hose with cement, melted plastic or glue. Then poke holes throughout the rest of the garden hose.

You now have a soaker hose! Thread this hose throughout your garden and turn on the water. Your new soaker hose will spray water throughout your garden while you barely lift a finger.

Make Your Own Fridge Magnets

Instead of throwing away your bottle caps, save them up. Go to your local stationary store or eBay and buy a pack of small magnets.

Then grab your bottle caps and glue the magnet to the back. Congratulations! You now have home-made fridge magnets.

There are a lot of things you can use besides bottle caps. Your creativity is the only limitation.

Make Your Own Drink Coasters

CD Drink Coasters

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Do you have old CDs lying around that you’ll probably never use? Instead of just throwing the away, why not turn them into unique drink coasters?

There are many ways you can do this. You can paint over them then laminate them. You can melt the surface of the CD to create unique textures. You could sand the surface of the CD in uneven shapes to create an interesting effect.

Don’t be afraid to experiment – chances are, you’ve got a lot of these lying around.

Make Your Own Lamp

Take your used glass bottles and make your own lamp. From your neighborhood shop, just buy a small light that can be inserted into the bottle. Thread it in, then turn it on.

To get even more creative, you can use a light coating of paint on the outside to change the light’s colors. You can use several different colors to create a multi-colored light that’ll really impress your friends.

Turn Your Shoes into a Playground

Did you know that you can send Nike your old shoes and they’ll turn them into a playground? They’ll literally take your old shoes and melt them down in a safe way, then use the plastic to build playgrounds.

These are a few fun and creative ways you can reuse household items. Unlike buying a lamp or a soaker hose, you’ll get to look at these items and know that YOU made them. You get to express your creativity while feeling the pride that comes with making something new.