Every day is a good day to recycle and be more environmentally conscious about your waste. Global Recycling Day, however, is a day to recognize those efforts, as well as to spread awareness and encourage recycling on a global scale. This year, Global Recycling Day lands on March 21. Never heard of Global Recycling Day? The truth is, many people just going about their day haven’t and any flyers they might have seen on the office bulletin board they often overlook. Here’s everything you need to know about Global Recycling Day.

Why Global Recycling Day?

“Every year, the Earth yields billions of tons of natural resources,” reads the Global Recycling Day website,  “and at some point, in the not too distant future, it will run out.” Too often, we take for granted the resources we have on hand — paper, plastic, glass, etc. But all of these materials come from somewhere, and they all have an impact on the environment. If the earth constantly has to give up these resources for production of raw materials, eventually there won’t be much earth left.

That’s why it’s so important to recycle. Through recycling, materials can be reused so that fewer raw materials need be produced, giving the earth time to recover and replenish. After all, it’s not just about keeping the earth green and beautiful. This is also the place where we all live, so it’s essential to keep it sustainable.

What Does Global Recycling Day Do?

Global Recycling Day tackles two major goals. The first is the most familiar to us: encourage people all over to reduce their waste and to recycle whenever possible. After all, if everyone does a little bit, the combined effort can make a big impact. But different countries have varying policies and initiatives when it comes to recycling. Additionally, most waste production comes from major corporations that require a constant stream of materials in order to keep up with their business.

So the second goal of Global Recycling Day is to implore world leaders to see recycling as a global issue. It’s not just something that affects one country or even one continent. With stronger recycling initiatives, we can begin to see real change for the better in our environment.

What Can You Do For Global Recycling Day?

On the website, Global Recycling Day has a competition for #RecyclingHeroes. These are people, from world leaders to activists to cities and businesses, who promote recycling and help to make their community and their world greener. You can nominate your own #RecyclingHeroes based on anyone you think deserves credit for the work they do to promote recycling.

But what can you do yourself to promote the day?

  • Recycle! Whether at home or at work, it’s important to recycle whenever possible and to find out from your recycling company what materials they accept.
  • Global Recycling Day provides resources including infographics and facts about recycling to spread the word through your school, youth center, community center, or workplace.
  • Write to community leaders or call state or federal representatives, encouraging them to take the initiative of recycling more seriously and emphasizing the urgency.

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