If you’re thinking of taking steps to go green, Labor Day weekend is a great way to start. Whether you’re staying in, taking a trip to the beach, or having a backyard grill party, you can take steps to cut down on waste and reduce your environmental impact.

Throwing a Party? Send Out Evites

Everything seems to be done online these days, so why not your party invitations? You can save money and resources from paper that will only be thrown away by sending evites to your labor day grill or party. You can even use social media to create an event, allowing everyone to RSVP just like they might with physical invitations. It’s much less effort for you and your friends, and it’s a great way to practice conservation and reduce waste.

Use Washable Utensils

When we think of Labor Day parties, we think of paper plates, but of course, this isn’t the greenest solution. Instead, use your usual plates and silverware — or at least, as much as you can, and use paper only when those plates have been used up. This doesn’t mean you should use your fanciest plates, of course, but something washable is best. Ask if any of your friends would be willing to help washing dishes at the end of the day to make the clean-up easier.

Buy Local

Whether you’re throwing a party or just cooking a big dinner for your family, buy local produce that’s in-season. When you buy local, your food has less traveling to do before it reaches your table, which makes it more sustainable and leads to less food waste. You can start with labor day and use all the leftover produce throughout the week. When you run out, you might just decide to buy local again and turn this eco-friendly practice into a habit.

Going to the Beach? Carpool

Let’s say you have a big group taking a day trip to Surfside Beach to celebrate Labor Day with a big relaxation. Instead of having everyone drive separately, fit as many into one car as you can. Not only will this give you more opportunity to spend time together, but you’ll cut your gas costs in half. Not only will that make the environment a little cleaner, it will make your wallet happier, too.

Take Advantage of the Daylight

One of the best perks of summer is those long hours of daylight. Labor Day signals the beginning of the end of summer, but you can still make the most of those long days while you can. Cut the lights inside and host your Labor Day party outside. If it runs into night time, break out smaller lights or soy wax candles to light the area.

Sign Up for Recycling

If you’re not already recycling, taking initiative to make your Labor Day greener provides an excellent opportunity to start. Sign up for a weekly recycling recycling pickup and you’ll be surprised how naturally recycling will come to you after a few weeks of it.

It can be hard to find recycling pickup outside of city limits in Brazos Valley, however. Fortunately, Brazos Valley Trash Valet and Recycling offers complimentary recycling bins with our weekly trash pick-up. Contact us today for more information or to sign up for a monthly subscription.