How to Stay Green While Enjoying the OutdoorsThe weather has warmed up quite a bit here in Brazos Valley and outdoor activities are in full swing. While we’re outside there are some things we can all do to help Keep Texas Beautiful this summer. Litter prevention and waste reduction are at the top of the list. Let’s see some practical ways to keep our state clean.

Preventing Litter

The first step is prevention. Here are some ways to keep from littering.

Cigarette litter

Even though cigarette smoking has declined in America, cigarette butts are still public enemy #1 when it comes to litter. They’re so small, it seems like the damage will be minimal.  However, like insect infestations, if you see one, there are thousands lurking somewhere. They cause problems because they’re a fire hazard and, frankly, they’re ugly. If you litter College Station with cigarette butts you will give tourists and visitors a feeling that we don’t care about our city. They’ll think it’s dirty and unpleasant.

  • We don’t want to leave visitors with a bad impression of our home. So, what can we do?
  • Business owners can provide ashtrays where their customers and employees gather to smoke.
  • Smokers can carry pocket ashtrays with them. Pocket ashtrays are often disposable and give you the opportunity to safely store away your cigarette butts until you find a more suitable place for it.


Cleaning up after your dog is becoming easier as communities provide bags and receptacles for pet waste. If you clean up after your pet, you will help keep our waterways and walkways clean. Some retractable leashes come with a small key chain like containers filled with little bags for pet waste. Also, there are scoops available that make it so you don’t even have to bend over to pick up after your dog.


When you’re going to be outside for a while for a hike or picnic, bring a trash bag with you that’s big enough for everything you bring along. If you don’t fill the bag with your own trash, you can add any extra that might be laying around.

Waste Reduction

You can reduce waste by avoiding individual serving containers and buying in bulk. This works especially well for family outings.  Buying in bulk is cheaper and it reduces waste.  It’s a win-win.

Also, instead of bringing disposable water bottles, bring reusable ones. Reusable containers can prevent a lot of waste.

Preventing litter doesn’t take a lot of work. It just requires a little forethought. If we all do our part we can keep Brazos Valley beautiful for ourselves and for our visitors.  If you come prepared, you don’t have to worry about littering. In fact, you could leave our beautiful recreation areas cleaner than when you found them. Each of us can set a good example for those around us by being a little cleaner. That way everyone can see that we Don’t Mess With Texas, we do everything we can to keep Texas beautiful.