As summer draws to a close, many of us are looking forward to cooler temperatures and the holiday season. We will finally get a break from the hot summer weather and enjoy spending time with friends and family for our favorite holidays.

Even though the months at the end of the year usually involve celebrations, gifts and delicious meals, it’s still possible to make sure that you are recycling in College Station, TX. You can make a big difference by celebrating Halloween, Thanksgiving and Christmas in an environmentally friendly way. By following a few simple tips, you can make sure that your holiday seasons stays as green as possible.

Share The Cooking Duties

As much as we love to have big meals in Texas, it’s true that sometimes we can overdo it. The result is a huge amount of food that is too much for one gathering. Unfortunately, this can lead to food waste.

Instead of preparing a huge holiday dinner, invite friends and family to bring dishes of their own for a potluck style meal. This will help you avoid preparing too much food, as each guest can bring a small item with them.

Also, this will help you save water and electricity when it’s time to clean up. Your guests can take their dishes, trays and leftovers home with them, saving you the effort of washing all of those items.

Buy Reusable Gift Packaging

The holidays are a great time to exchange gifts with friends and family. Sometimes, the joy of opening gifts is followed by a big mess. Wrapping paper and boxes can be torn and damaged, creating a lot of unnecessary waste.

Cut down on packaging waste by purchasing some sturdy bags and boxes for gift-giving. You’ll be able to reuse these items again and again while keeping the level of waste and clutter to a minimum. After all, when it comes to giving gifts, it really is the thought that counts. People who receive your gifts will appreciate the gesture and it may even inspire them to start recycling as well.

Donate or Recycle Decorations

One of the most fun aspects of the holidays is setting up decorations. Carving pumpkins and setting up Christmas trees can really get you into the festive spirit. When it’s time to take down the decorations, avoid excess waste by recycling or donating these items.

For example, some inexpensive lights are a great way to decorate for many occasions. If you have some decorations that you no longer want, give them to a friend who’s looking for similar items. Resist the temptation to toss old decorations into the trash. Many of these items are eligible for a  local recycling program.

Not only can these tips help you make the right recycling choices, they’ll also help you avoid stress during the holidays. Make a pledge to practice recycling this holiday season for a celebration that you’ll remember for years. These good decisions can get you on track to start the new year recycling in College Station and Bryan, TX.