Residential Trash and Recycling ServicesRESIDENTIAL TRASH & RECYCLING

These services are offered to residents who live outside
the city limits of Bryan and College Station

Residential Trash & Recycling Service Highlights

  • For $27.50 per month (plus tax), you receive WEEKLY curbside trash collection services AND FREE WEEKLY recycling services. Additionally, we provide your residence one * 64-gallon high quality maroon bin on your first collection day.

  • We provide single stream recycling services. Meaning, our services don’t require you to sort your recycling materials from each other and all of your recycling materials can be contained within the same see through bag! Also, you don’t have to remember which week to place your recycling materials out for collections, as we collect them each week! No storing up recycling materials for two weeks and having to remember your week of collection.
  • Save $ over your current service provider while receiving more services and benefits than they offer!
  • No contracts and you can cancel anytime.
  • No need to write checks or have to prepay for service for months in advance, as our online subscription process via PayPal will automatically charge either your credit card, debit card, or bank account… whichever one you prefer, each month at a time.
  • Should you not choose our automatic PayPal monthly payment method, you can prepay for service six months in advance. However, we must charge a $1 more per month for service to cover our administrative costs associated with invoicing, collections, postage, bank deposits, etc.
  • Place trash & recycling materials curbside by 8:00 am on your collection day. Time of day collection may vary from week to week, depending on our changing and growing routes.
  • ALL BAGS MUST BE TIED SECURELY and all materials must be contained within bags for collection.
  • Recycling materials can all be co-mingled and contained within see through bags. You can purchase any size or tinted bag at any local retailer, such as: HEB, Kroger, Target, Wal-Mart, etc. where you purchase your colored trash bags. If recycling materials are not contained within see through bags, or comply with our recycling guidelines, then such materials will be treated as trash instead of recycling materials.
  • Trash materials must be contain in regularly colored trash bags that you purchase at any local retailer, such as: HEB, Kroger, Target, Wal-Mart, etc.
  • We will pick up all materials contained in trash cans, so long as everything inside of trash can is in a tied trash bag with sufficient sturdiness to handle the weight of the materials contained within the bag.
  • There is a 35 pound weight limit to each bag of materials, while the total amount of materials to be collected each week shall not be more than 130 gallons and no more than 6 bags.
  • Our trash & recycling services are for NORMAL household trash and recycling materials and sharing of service with your neighbors is not allowed.
  • Customers who opt for prepaid semi-annual billing, in lieu of our monthly automatic online PayPal payment method, will be invoiced for service one month in advance of the six month service period. If payment is not received by the beginning of the six month service period, service will be suspended until such payment is received.
  • Lawn clippings and minor debris is limited to 4 bags per week and weigh no more than 35 pounds per bag. Limbs and small brush items must be securely tied in bundles no larger than 6 inches in diameter and longer than 4 feet in length.
  • Items not allowed to be collected include: construction debris, large & bulky items (i.e. concrete, swing set, furniture, appliances, carpet, liquid drums, etc.), hazardous waste, electronic waste (computers, TV, printers, etc.), lead acid batteries, etc. This list is not all encompassing, but is provided as a guideline to non-acceptable materials.

* The 64-gallon high quality trash bin provided to you is Free To Use for the duration
of your Residential Trash & Recycling subscription.

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BV Trash Valet & Recycling is your complete waste management service, handling disposal for curbside trash pick up, recycling, and commercial disposal. BV Trash Valet & Recycling is the only trash valet service in Brazos County. What makes us different?

– Weekly curbside pick up for trash and recycling

– No need to pre-sort the recyclables–we do that for you

– Convenient payment options

– No more putting recycable refuse in your car since we come to you

BV Trash Valet & Recycling makes it easy and convenient to make an impact on the Brazos Valley environment.

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