Subscription Thank You

“Congratulations! You have successfully completed your subscription to our services.”

Within the next 24 hours (excluding weekends), you will receive a “Welcome” email with further information regarding our services, your invoice, and the day of the week your residence will be added to our routes for your weekly service. After 24 hours (excluding weekends), please call us at 979-777-8968 if you have NOT received your “Welcome” email at the email address you previously provided us.

Once you receive your “Welcome” email, please print the invoice included and mail in your payment expeditiously to the address on included on the invoice. When we receive your payment, we will send you a second email notifying you that we received your payment and that your residence has officially been added to our routes. If you don’t receive our second email confirming receipt of your payment, after 5 days of mailing payment, then please call us at 979-777-8968.

“THANKS AGAIN for becoming our newest customer and we sincerely appreciate your business!”