You recycle at home, and try to go green in your practices at work, as well. But with so many issues to tackle in the current state of the environment, some eco-conscious citizens might find themselves wanting to do more. If you have time and the will, you can volunteer to help clean up your local parks. Getting rid of litter, as well as uprooting any invasive plants, will help make your community — and your environment as a whole — a little better.

What Do Park Cleanups Entail?

Park cleanups involve volunteer groups who come out to the park on certain days — often once or twice a month on a weekend morning, to clean up the park. Depending on the amount of volunteers, they might be split into groups, dividing the park into sections to finish the cleanup more quickly. A few tasks can involve:

  • Picking up litter
  • Sorting trash and recycling
  • Removing invasive weeds and vines
  • Adding mulch or plants to a section of the park

If you’re unable to help clean up the park itself, you can also help out by bringing water to those who do help clean up the park, especially on hot summer days.

Benefits of Park Cleanup

Imagine if no one bothered to clean up the park in your community. That park is a public space, and over time, it could become so full of junk that it’s unenjoyable. Cleaning up the park also helps to protect the plant life and even animals who inhabit the park. By adding plants to the park, you’re helping to push back against deforestation and the greenhouse effect. By getting rid of trash and litter, you’re helping increase recycling in the area and removing harmful, non-biodegradable waste from the park.

Park cleanups are also a great way to get involved in your community. You’ll know that you’re making the place you live a little bit better, and you may even have a chance to meet new people in the area. 

Finding Park Cleanup Events in Brazos Valley

Want to find opportunities to volunteer for park cleanups in Brazos Valley? Just take a look at your local parks and recreation. You might be able to find volunteer opportunities on city websites or by checking out events from groups like Keep Brazos Beautiful, designed to help keep local parks clean and healthy. Finally, you can search for local parks and see if they have contact phone numbers or email addresses. If they do, consider reaching out to the park themselves to see if they’re having a cleanup event soon, or if you can organize a cleanup event. 

If you look, you can find plenty of ways to better the environment in your community, whether through park cleanups, educational workshops, or recycling events. But one easy way to reduce your environmental impact from your own home is through recycling. Contact Brazos Valley Trash Valet & Recycling today to learn more about our complimentary recycling pickup with our weekly trash pickup.