What if Everyone Recycled?USA Today recently posted an article about the what would happen if everyone recycled. It turns out, it would make a substantial difference. Let’s look at some of the ways the world would benefit from everyone recycling.

  • Plastics and Aluminium: Recycled bottles, cans, and plastic bags are easily recycled and then they can be used again. For example, recycled bottles can become clothing. Cans are recycled to make new products including new soda cans.
  • Saving Money: Apple’s 2017 Environmental Responsibility Report shows that the company has become increasingly efficient in its use of resources, both renewable and nonrenewable. The company encourages the recycling of its products. Recycled phones brought the company about $40 million because of the gold in the phones alone. That doesn’t even go into the tin and other metals. If everyone, including companies, recycled there would be far more efficiency and recouping of losses.
  • Everyone Would Recycle Correctly: One consistent problem with recycling is that people mix recyclables and trash. This happens because sometimes people have trouble telling the difference. The USA Today article points to EPA.gov where you can learn how to recycle correctly.

The circular economy is more important than ever.  Not only are we saving valuable non-renewable resources, we’re also reducing carbon emissions. If everyone recycled, the demand for non-renewables would drop and that means less drilling and mining. With less of those activities going on, there would be less environmental damage. The recycling industry would grow and possibly help replace any job lost by the reduction in drilling and mining.

Rare Elements

We have a finite amount of resources. Some of the resources used in technology today are almost gone. Indium is one example. RSC.org says that there’s more indium in use today in flat panel displays than there is in the planet’s reserves. So, if we want to keep using this element over the long term our only choice will be to recycle. If everyone recycled their flat panel screens, we could keep making them.

Also in the RSC.org report, we find that supply for some rare earth metals will soon be outpaced by demand. Rare earth metals are frequently used in electronics. It is becoming increasingly difficult to mine for some of these metals. If everyone recycled, we could drastically reduce demand. Rare earth metals are frequently found in electronics. Electronics should never be shipped off to the College Station Landfill.  Instead, you should go to the manufacturer’s website for instructions on returning the item for recycling.

If everyone recycled the world would be a cleaner place, but it would also be more efficient. Using recycled materials saves money and energy. With less carbon dioxide going into the atmosphere we will all breathe a lot easier.

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