We’ve likely all experienced the frustration of cleaning up trash after a windy day. It might be safe in the garage or even a good carport, but when you drag your trash out to the curb on a windy day, or the night before a windy day, it can often be knocked over by the wind, sending your trash flying everywhere. But even on windy days, you still need to bring your crash to the curb to be collected. So what do you do with your trash when it’s windy? Here are a few of our tips:


Weigh Down Your Trash

You can use a heavy rock, cinder block, or hand weight to weigh down your trash can and keep it from blowing away. The good news is most trash pickup services use machinery to lift the trash cans and dump them in the garbage truck, so this won’t hamper their job. It will, however, make it more difficult for wind to knock over your trash and may help to keep it closed so loose trash doesn’t fly out of the trash can. And speaking of loose trash…

Make Sure All Trash Is Bagged

It’s easy to toss a stray cup or container in the trash can, but it can make things more difficult on windy days when you need to bring your trash to the curb. Not only is it easier for the trash pickup crew if the trash is already bagged, but it makes your life much easier in the midst of adverse weather. Even if your trash can is knocked over by the wind, you might not have to deal with as much loose trash. You can simply replace your trash bags. So next time you have an empty soda bottle, take it to your indoor trash can so that it can be bagged and thrown away with the rest.

When It’s Not Trash Day

If you have an enclosed garage, you probably won’t have to worry about windy weather unless it’s trash day. But if you have an open carport, your trash may still be knocked over throughout the week. There are a few steps you can take to protect your trash, however. You can do the same thing you might do when you take the trash out to the curb: weigh down the top and make sure to bag your trash. You can also create a small enclosure or use D-rings to hook the trash cans to the garage. Placing a weight on the trash can lid is also a good way to keep out pests like racoons or opposums.

Talk to your trash and recycling crew about steps you can take to protect your trash on a windy day. Brazos Valley Trash Valet & Recycling can help with weekly trash pick-up and complementary recycling. Contact us today to learn more or to order your own trash pickup.