Declutter Your Home Without Throwing Anything AwayYou can make your home more inviting by getting rid of clutter. While you may think that this would mean putting a lot of items on the curb for your residential trash pick-up, that’s not the case. There are a lot of ways to get rid of clutter without sending it all to the College Station landfill.

Donate to Charity

If you’ve run out of space in your closets and cabinets, it may be a good time to consider donating some goods to charity. Charities accept everything from kitchenware to books to clothing. Those are all things that you don’t ordinarily recycle, anyway. Instead of putting them in your trash bin, you can arrange for a charity to come pick them up.

Sell Your Items

A garage sale is always an option for getting rid of clutter, but there are also ways to sell them online. Some items, like game consoles, might get a better price online than at a garage sale. In that case, it’s better to sell them online. However, if you have a lot of small inexpensive items or if there’s a neighborhood garage sale, you might as well give it a shot.

Store Your Items Efficiently

Even after getting rid of some items you may feel that your space is still too cluttered. One reason for this may be that you need a better plan for storing what you have. It’s time to get organized. If there are small appliances that you only use on special occasions, for example, they don’t need to be on your countertop. Instead, you could store them in a box in an area of your house with more space.

Placing items you don’t often use into well-organized and labeled boxes and tubs can make your home look much less cluttered.

Beware of Under Utilized Storage

Desks, ottomans, bookshelves, and even the space above your cabinets can be used as storage. Sometimes they get filled up with clutter we no longer want. Make sure to clean them out and then make use of them to place things that you want to keep. There’s no need storing things you don’t like. When was the last time you opened that ottoman?  Do you even know what’s inside?

Some storage areas double as display areas. If you have attractive items that you have no use for at the moment you can display them instead of putting them in boxes. Do you have a lovely platter that you only bring out for parties?  You can display it on top of a shelf or on top of your kitchen cabinets if your ceiling is tall enough. Then, it doesn’t look like storage, it looks like decoration.

When your home has less clutter it’s easier to use your space. There are a lot of ways to reduce clutter without having to throw things in the trash or recycle them. Donate to charity, sell what you can, and store away things you don’t often use. By doing these things you can reduce clutter in your home and breathe a little easier.