How Multi-Material Recycling Can Save Businesses Money

All businesses use recyclable material every day in the office, shop, warehouse and even the cafeteria or break room. If this waste is thrown into the dumpster, it not only ends up in a landfill and contributes to the pollution of the Earth, it also wastes company money. Do I have your attention?

Let me also mention that the amount of paper, plastic and metal thrown out in a standard week varies greatly depending on the size of the company and what industry it is in. Obviously, a company that manufactures cardboard boxes would have more paper waste than one that provides hair styling services. My point is that no matter what type of business you have, recycling every item that can be processed and reused makes sense.

Direct Money Savings With Recycling?

When a company rents a space in a shopping center, office park or warehouse compound, it must also rent space in the dumpsters. In some cases, the money a company pays for garbage storage and removal is based on the number of skips. I also want to stress that the fees can be based on how much all the waste products weigh each week or month.

Although hiring a recycling company to remove the paper, plastic, glass and cans does cost money, I want you to keep in mind that recycling also reduces garbage costs considerably. You will need fewer dumpsters or skips and the ones you do use will be much lighter.

Other Saving Possibilities When You Recycle

In some cases, hiring a recycling provider like BV Trash Valet only changes your company’s day-to-day operations by instructing employees to throw certain items into different bins. If you want to increase how eco-friendly your company is and save even more money, introduce a more extensive reuse, repurpose and recycling program.

Begin by putting one extra bin next to the garbage cans inside the building. Recyclables do not have to be divided by materials, which saves you time and energy. All acceptable items include paper, cardboard, plastic, glass and metal cans.

Then I recommend encouraging more environmentally-friendly practices all around the office, shop or service area.

Some ideas to reduce paper waste should be put into effect. Minimize what documents and forms you print out every day. Encourage clients and customers to pay their bills online. Make scrap paper bins that people can use to jot quick notes rather than providing company notebooks or post-its.

Reduce plastic trash volume by using a large-volume water cooler and provide reusable cups instead of plastic, Styrofoam or paper cups that will get thrown out after each sip. Purchase supplies or materials with less packaging.

When a company adopts some responsible practices, they can even use their green ideas as a marketing point to attract environmentally conscious consumers. Even if this is not a goal, saving money through recycling makes sense for any business. The cost of hiring a recycling company to haul away paper, plastic, glass and metal will definitely be covered by the savings of not needing an extra dumpster or by reducing its weight considerably.