Business Recycling Options for More Green

When people talk about recycling and minimizing waste, the “green” they mean usually has to do with a healthier environment. If the business opts to use trash and recycling services in College Station, TX and Bryan, TX areas, the “green” and also mean money.

The vast majority of businesses have a garbage dumpster or skip out back into which all the waste and refuse of the week gets dumped. A truck comes once a week or once every other week to haul it away. It is easy to understand that the more trash the company makes, the worse it is for the environment, but extra trash can also result in high removal bills. In most cases, the service is charged based on the weight of the skip that needs to be removed.

Business recycling options allow you to not only minimize your effect on the earth, but also help to save money. If a company such as ours picks up your recyclables every week for a low flat rate, the weight and therefore the cost of the garbage dumpster removal will drop.

The first step in any effort to reduce garbage is to reuse and repurpose the material you need to throw away. Of course, it is impossible to do this with everything, but your business might be surprised at how green and earth friendly it can be.

Consider the following options to reduce garbage load:

  • Reuse misprinted paper for in-house printing or scrap paper at each desk.
  • Use a clean cardboard as dividers to organize shelves and to label inventory or supplies.
  • Buy supplies or materials in bulk to minimize packaging.

After reusing as much stuff around the office, shop or other workplace, next option in your quest to go green is recycling. With the convenience of our no-sort recycling pickup, all of the cans, bottles, paper and cardboard can be placed in the receptacle together. This does not take any extra time or require any special effort on the part of your employees. You may have to remind them once or twice to put different things in different containers, but even if there are mistakes, the end result will be greatly beneficial in multiple ways.

Even if you are not a crusader for environmental protection, everyone understands that simply adding more and more garbage to landfills is unsustainable in the long term and causes negative side effects. The less garbage you produce, the better.

Despite these different opinions about the importance of going green, every business owner wants higher profits. If throwing out a can or some scrap paper in a different skip out back results in considerable monetary savings, no one involved with the financial side of business can argue that. In and around the College Station, TX area, recycling services can reduce the need to buy certain materials as frequently and can save you money on hauling away the garbage the company produces.