There are so many benefits to choosing to purchase recyclable materials – reducing waste, helping the environment, conserving energy. More consumers are specifically searching out products made up of materials that can be recycled and taking care to clean and sort them for pickup. But what happens when you’ve been using so many recyclable materials that well before pickup day your recycling bin is fit to burst? You don’t want to just throw items that can be recycled into the garbage, but you don’t want them stacking up around your house. Here are some ways to maximize your recycling bin space.

how to maximize your recycling bin space

Condense your materials

Find ways to break down your materials before putting them into the bin. Break down and fold cardboard boxes. Crush cans and see if any items which can’t be broken down might fit into others. Also, think about how you are packing items into your bin – put larger materials in first and fit smaller or more flexible objects around those.

Create a storage system for overflow

If you have the space in your house, outside, or in the garage, or know that your extra recycling needs are temporary, you could create an extra space in which to store recyclables. Bags are easy and convenient but look messy and are more likely to break. Large cardboard boxes or even plastic tubs are a sturdier option to keep recyclable materials stored away between pickups.

Reuse materials instead when possible

One of the great things about recyclable materials is that they can often be reused. Reusing items when possible also helps provide many of the benefits of recycling, and also saves you money. Glass jars can be cleaned and used to store craft or food items. Cardboard boxes can be used for crafts, activities, and even decor if you get really creative! Many takeout containers can even be used in place of tupperware for storing your homemade leftovers.

Consider adding another bin

If you have tried the above recommendations and are still struggling to keep your recyclables in one bin, you can always purchase an additional one for more space and less stress.

When you have recycling to take care of, Brazos Valley Trash Valet & Recycling is here to make it easy on you to make it better for the environment. Contact us for any recycling or trash questions you may have!