Once all of your trash has gone in the bin, been put out at the curb, and taken away by the garbage truck, it is out of sight and out of mind. Though they are out of your house, the contents of your bin and those of your neighbors still exist and have to go somewhere.

Landfills were created to have a place far from society, nature, and natural resources where waste can be stored safely. Typical residential waste generally goes to the most common of these, called Municipal Solid Waste Landfills. There are also specific landfills for other materials like that from construction and demolition projects or hazardous waste. Recycling is taken to a separate area to be processed.

Where Does your trash go

The terms dump and landfill are often used interchangeably, but they are not the same. In order to open a landfill, a company must complete a number of studies to check the land for suitability to ensure that it is relatively good for the environment and the appropriate place for the job. Landfills require permits and must follow particular regulations during construction and operation. In dumps, there were few, if any, regulations and trash was often all just thrown together. This led to contamination, pest infestations, and awful smells. The regulations put in place for landfills try to minimize the likelihood of these issues in order to save space and protect the environment.

Once trash is taken to the landfill it is compressed to condense materials so they take up less space. They are then put into open areas dug into the ground which are lined with materials to keep anything from leaking into the ground underneath. After that space is filled, it is covered with layers of dirt to keep waste in place and hidden away from sun, rain, animals, wind, and other elements.

As the waste breaks down over time, it can create harmful gasses. Landfills monitor these gas levels as part of their regulated process, and have ways to manage what is being produced without negative consequences.

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