Moving residences can be a stressful time filled with chaos and frenzy as you uproot your life and belongings and head to a new place. With moving comes a lot of potential trash and recycling, but with some planning and forethought, you can make it simple to stay sustainable.

Moving Madness

Declutter First

As soon as you know you are planning to move, start cutting down on how much you have. Less stuff means less you need to move. Plus, moving less things takes less space, so you can use smaller transport with lower carbon footprint, use less packing materials, and more.

Rehome, Reuse, and Recycle Responsibly

When you pack to move, it becomes clear how many things you have that you don’t want to keep or don’t use enough to justify moving it. You’ll want to keep down the amount you have to move with and want to get rid of the extras. Unfortunately the easy way to deal with this is just to throw anything away, especially as it gets close to moving day and the stress over stuff increases, but that creates excess waste. Take the time to sort through the items you’re ready to let go. Determine what can be sold, donated, or gifted first, then move onto items which can be recycled to give as many objects as possible a new purpose in the world before ending up in a dump.

Packaged with Care

Cardboard boxes are the classic moving storage but generally get used in bulk once, then discarded. If everyone does this, it creates a lot of waste and uses up materials. Instead of buying new cardboard boxes see if you can find them used from someone local who may have just moved. Places like supermarkets or big box stores may have extras from deliveries. You can also collect boxes and fold them down pre-move when you get packages.

Another option is to get creative with using what you have instead. Pack items in shelves, laundry baskets, reusable or paper bags from the grocery store, backpacks, suitcases, duffel bags, or storage containers. You can even put spices or smaller kitchen objects in pots, bowls, and tupperware.

Padding packages is another area where you can cut down on waste. Use soft items you are already moving to pad valuables. Wrap fragile items in blankets, towels, hand towels, dishcloths, or clothes instead of plastic bubble wrap or newspapers

Bonus Tips & Tricks

  • Look for moving companies or services which are environmentally friendly
  • Keep out a basic set of kitchen items to continue using until you move, and have it available once you are in your new home to avoid using disposable plates, cups, and flatware.
  • Use eco-friendly brands or materials as you clean your old and new homes.

Whether you are moving into, out of, or within the area, Brazos Valley Trash and Recycling Services is here to support your trash and recycling needs. Contact us today for more information.