Curbside recycling is a great way to keep as many items out of landfills as possible and reuse materials instead of overusing new resources. Paper, plastic, aluminum, and glass are the common materials that can be recycled at home, but what can you do to keep other items you no longer need out of the garbage?

Textiles, or any items made with cloth, fabric, yarn, or thread, are a major source of waste – especially clothing. Fast fashion, changing sizes, kids outgrowing clothes quickly, and rips, tears, or stains are only some of the reasons why people frequently get rid of clothes and other textiles. Throwing out clothes and other textiles may seem like the easy way to get rid of your unwanted items, but there are many other options besides the trash can.

Textile Recycling


Reusing textiles can be either finding ways to repurpose them yourself, or letting them go on to others who can reuse them instead.

Clothing with rips or tears can be stitched back up, have cute patches added on, or cut into different fits like trimming scuffed jeans into shorts. There are so many tutorials online for how to upcycle your clothing into other fits or even completely different items no matter if they are no longer the right size, have stains or tears, or it just isn’t your style anymore. Really worn pieces can even be used as rags.

If you have no use for your old textiles, there are resale stores where you can make money or store credit in exchange for clothing in good shape. You can also sell clothing online or at a garage sale. Donation centers are also always looking for clothing for people in need, but please make sure you are only donating things which are still wearable.


There are specific textile recycling services which can take even stained or unwearable clothing and turn them into new materials. The clothing and textile pieces can be broken down and respun into new yarn or fabric, or used in other items like padding or lining for furniture or insulation.


A great way to keep textiles out of the trash, is to cut down on how much you have to begin with. Try to be conscious of only buying clothes that you need, buying second hand, trading with others, or passing on hand me downs when possible, and looking for good quality, classic pieces that will last you a long time.

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