There are many everyday items that consumers tend to be unsure about regarding proper disposal. For example, those that spend time on public or private gun ranges have almost certainly wondered at some point whether or not you can recycle your brass shells. This leads to another question. Where?

Steps To Take Before Recycling Brass Shells

Before you take your brass shells to be recycled, it is advisable to complete a few steps on your own to streamline the process.

Ensure your collection of shells does not contain any live rounds:

For safety reasons, it is best to inspect each shell to verify that there are no live rounds in the mix. While some of the places that recycle brass shells have the means to dispose of them safely, it is recommended that you only submit spent casings.

Sort your shells by material:

Depending on the type of ammo you used, your shells may be brass, aluminum, or steel. Some recycling locations will pay you based on the weight and kind of material you are recycling. For this reason, it is an excellent practice to pre-sort them.

Verify that no other items are mixed in:

Like with any other type of recycling, you need to ensure that you are only handing over recyclable items. Check your container of shells beforehand and remove any foreign items or materials that do not belong.

Locations That Accept Brass Shells

Scrap Metal Yards

Among the most widely available way to recycle your brass shells is to take them to a local scrap metal yard. Here, you will be compensated based on the total weight of the casings and the metal yard’s current pricing.

Brass Recyclers

Some locations deal specifically in brass, which increases the significance of ensuring you are only submitting brass shells.

Ammo Recyclers

A simple Google search will show you numerous ammo recyclers that will gladly take your shells off your hands. This may lead to them being reused in new ammo, but any casings that are not fit for that purpose will be recycled.

Recycle Your Brass Shells

Improperly disposed brass shells can cause significant harm to the environment over time. To avoid this, it is essential to dispose of your brass shells properly.