You try to be responsible with your waste management. You have a regular trash pickup, and you take your trash out as soon as it’s full. You even recycle, and maybe compost. But still, you find some mornings that when you step outside, your trash is strewn about your yard, bags shredded, and the culprit nowhere to be found.

The problem is typically raccoons. These nocturnal critters are clever and curious, knocking over trash bins to dig through the trash for food or anything interesting. They can even remove the lid from the bin, so a lid does little to keep them out. However, there are some ways to help ensure that raccoons stay out of your trash. Here are our recommendations.

Place Trash Cans in a Secure Area

One option, if you have it available to you, is to place your trash cans in a secure area. If you have a garage, for instance, you can store your trash cans in the closed garage every night. A shed might also do, although it is less convenient than a garage. If you don’t have an enclosed area, make sure your trash cans are stored on level ground so that they can’t be tipped over as easily by cunning raccoons.

Tighten the Lid

Raccoons are smart enough to be able to remove lids from trash cans, even if they remain on after the trash can is tipped over. For this reason, some homeowners use bungee cords to make their trash can more secure. These bungee cords stretch from one side of the lid to the other, running across the top and tying off at the handles. This makes it harder for raccoons to get in. If not bungee cords, you can secure the lid with a chain or by placing a heavy block on top after you close it again.

Use Lighting

Raccoons are nocturnal creatures and are often scared away by light. Some homeowners choose to wrap their trash cans in Christmas lights or fairy lights to keep raccoons away. Others might place their trash cans under a spotlight. One method that is particularly effective is motion-sensing light. These lights pick up the motion as a nearby raccoon approaches and suddenly turn on. The surprise of it often scares the raccoons away.

Smell Deterrent

Raccoons hate the smell of ammonia, so some homeowners take ammonia-soaked cloths and place them inside the trash can. The goal is that the smell will be so offensive that it will ward off the raccoons. You can even spray your yard with ammonia in order to cause raccoons to give it a wider berth.

Brazos Valley Trash Valet & Recycling has the tips you need to keep raccoons out of your trash, but more importantly, we have reliable trash pick up services, with complimentary recycling, so you can continue to be a responsible homeowner when it comes to waste management. Contact us today for more information or to get started with a fee estimate.