Linens, towels and sheets will inevitably get old and need to be thrown out. Not so fast, however –

Just because you don’t want to sleep on them or use them after a shower doesn’t mean they don’t
have other uses. In fact, linens, towels and sheets can often be repurposed for a lot of different

Here are just some of the ways you can make use of your old sheets, towels and linens.

==> Turn Them into Handkerchiefs and Napkins

Handkerchiefs aren’t cheap. Paper napkins are inexpensive, but need to be thrown away after one
use. Over time, the costs can add up. Instead of buying a basket load of handkerchiefs, you can just turn your old sheets and linens into handkerchiefs. Just cut them up into squares, throw them in the washer and you’re done! These can be fantastic for your upcoming BBQ, or you could just use them around the house instead of handkerchiefs or napkins. Often times you can even keep reusing them until they get
too dirty, then throw them out.

==> Use Them to Repair Clothing

Often times when you’re repairing clothing, you’ll need scrap material. For example, black bed sheets would be perfect for repairing black clothing. Keep a few scraps around to help patch holes and tears in clothes.

==> Turn Towels into Floor Cloths

Instead of throwing old towels away, just cut them up into a couple smaller pieces and use them to wipe the bathroom or kitchen floors. It’s a waste to use new towels for this. Instead, give your old towels another use by making them into floor towels.

==> Use Them to Teach Sewing

If you have kids, sewing is probably a skill you’ll want to teach them. Whether they’re boys or girls, being able to at least repair basic clothing is a basic life skill. In order to teach them, you’re going to need a lot of spare scrap materials. One of the best places to get these kinds of scrap materials is from linens, towels and sheets. Just cut up these old materials and use them as instructional materials to teach your children.

==> Homemade Toys

You can also use linens, towels and sheets to make homemade toys. For example, you can wrap a bunch of shredded linen in a piece of towel, sow it up and have a soft homemade ball. You can use this to play with your kids, or use it as a toy for your puppy. Get creative! Linens, towels and sheets are highly versatile. There should be no reason to throw away linens or towels, especially since each household doesn’t generate much used linens and towels in the first place.