Children and adults alike go through a lot of paper. It could be junk mail, it could be homework, it could be that work memo you no longer need or it could be a drawing your child scrapped. Instead of throwing away your old paper, why not put it to a new use?

Here are seven different ways you can use old paper for new purposes.

==> #1: Learn Origami!

Learning origami takes a lot of paper. You’re going to make a lot of mistakes. Fortunately, you have paper – all you need to do is get in the habit of saving up your used paper and you’ll always have enough paper for origami!

==> #2: Make Your Own Bookmarks

There are two ways you can use old paper for bookmarks.

First, you can make your own bookmarks. Paint on the paper or draw on the paper to create something creative and fun.

Alternatively, you can use blank pieces of scratch paper. This allows you to write on the bookmark whenever you need to take notes.

==> #3: Phone Pad

Keep a bunch of scratch paper next to your phone. This makes jotting down ideas, to-dos and contact information very easy.

==> #4: Make Confetti

Buying confetti can be expensive and a hassle. Instead, why not make your own?

Just shred up your old would-be waste paper. It’s that simple! You now have confetti.

If you don’t have a shredder at home, you can often just swing by Kinko’s or your neighborhood print shop and pay a little bit of money to have them shred it up for you.

==> #5: Pet Cage or Litter Lining

If you own pets, shredded paper can often be used for lining.

For example, you can use it to line your cat litter. Or you could use it to line the bottom of your bird cage or the sides of your hamster cage.

==> #6: Packing Material

Packing material is quite expensive. Styrofoam for example costs quite a bit of money, as does bubble wrap. Instead of shipping things with these materials, just crumple up some of your old papers and use those instead. It’s free!

==> #7: Make Your Own Paper

Kids often have trouble understanding what recycling really is. The idea of turning something old into something new is a little bizarre.

One great way to demonstrate the concept to them is to show them how it’s done. Go online and order an at-home paper making kit. Then turn your old pieces of paper into new, home-made paper.

Once kids understand how it works, they’re much more likely to recycle themselves in the future.

There are many, many uses for old paper. Instead of throwing away your paper, start saving it up – chances are, you’ll be able to find a use for it soon.