It comes as no surprise that the holiday season is a time that produces a significant increase in household waste around the world. Because of this, Brazos Valley Trash Valet & Recycling would like to encourage you to dispose of your holiday waste properly. Read on to find some of the most common byproducts of the festivities and their appropriate disposal methods.


Wrapping Paper

You will be pleased to know that most wrapping paper is recyclable, with the exception of bows and ribbons. Additionally, many people actually reuse wrapping paper again the following year. One example of this is if presents have been carefully opened or you can salvage a section of wrapping paper from a larger gift.


As long as the card in question is paper-only and was made using glitter or foil, it is recyclable. However, if it does contain glitter or foil, it belongs in your waste container.

Gift Bags

Gift bags are recyclable provided they don’t have glitter, and the handles or ribbons are removed.

Tissue Paper

Tissue paper can easily be reused year after year, but it can be recycled if you decide to get rid of it.


Flattened cardboard boxes and cardboard toy boxes with plastic fronts for viewing are recyclable.


Certain items should never be placed in recycling and must go in the trash, including those explicitly exempted from recycling above. Other things that belong in your trash include:

Single-use Alkaline Batteries

These include batteries ranging from AAA up to 9-volt batteries.

Shoes and Clothing

While we encourage you to consider donating your usable shoes and clothing to the less fortunate, they can be placed in your waste container if you decide to dispose of them.

Certain Packaging Items

Bubble wrap, cellophane, and foam packaging cannot be recycled and must be reused or placed in the trash.

Holiday Lights

While holiday and Christmas lights are not recyclable and can go in the trash, better options are available. Many locations have begun to offer Christmas light recycling programs in recent years. A quick online location-based search will help you find the appropriate place to accept your old Christmas lights.

Hazardous Waste

Some items are not suitable for trash or recycling and must be taken to a local hazardous waste facility for proper disposal. This includes cooking oils, cleaning products, fluorescent bulbs (or other bulbs containing mercury), rechargeable batteries, and cans of paint.

Brazos Valley Trash Valet & Recycling would like to wish you happy holidays! If you have any questions or concerns related to our service, please contact us for assistance.