People often make the mistake of feeling like they fully understand a profession based on seeing a small portion of the job being performed. It is important to note that being on a trash pickup crew is a lot more work than simply driving a garbage truck and dumping trash bins into the back with a mechanical arm. The job of a sanitation worker is arduous, taxing, and can be pretty dangerous. Here is a closer look at a day in the life of a trash pickup crew:

Early Mornings

By the time you see a trash crew collecting your garbage, they have already been awake for hours, even if you were the first house on their route. Before the trash pickup crews head out, they are required to attend a morning meeting for roll call and route assignment. This is a job where punctuality is a requirement. If you are late, trash pickup is late, and the whole system falls apart.

Training and Routes

Before being permitted to operate a garbage truck, individuals must receive training. Before qualification, they must prove their skills through a certified skills test. Adaptability is required to be on a trash pickup team because you not only have to learn your route, but you also have to learn new routes when needed, as there is no guarantee that you won’t have to fill in or otherwise receive a new route as the customer base expands.

Complete Route in Specified Time Frame

You have likely noticed that your trash is picked up around the same time every week. This is because your trash pickup crew follows a strict schedule. The fact that you know almost exactly when they will arrive is further proof of their dedication to the job. Most trash pickup crews know exactly where they will be and when they will be there, down to the hour.

Daily Hazards

Working as part of a trash pickup crew is no easy job. It is physically demanding since not all trash can be collected using the garbage truck. Many things must be lifted into the truck by hand. This introduces many hazards, including potential injury from sharp objects or hazardous waste. To add to the danger, crews must keep watch for inattentive drivers who may put them in harm’s way.

Needless to say, sanitation workers tend to be vastly underappreciated for the service they provide to the public. So if you happen to come across your trash pickup crew hard at work, let them know that you appreciate their efforts!

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