Remodeling is an exciting process in the moment, but it can be hell to clean up when it’s all over. If you hire a contractor to remodel for you, they’ll likely clean the area before they leave. If you decide to do it yourself, the job falls to you. You’re bound to have a full trash and recycling day by the end of it, but you can take steps to reduce some of the mess as you go. Here are some of our suggestions:

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Make a Path

If you’re only remodeling one room, you may not have a hard time walking around the mess. But if you’re tackling multiple rooms at once, it’s important to have a clear walking path. Use scraps of carpet or wood to block the remodeling mess from your walking path so that your family can move around the house safely.

Tarps Are Your Best Friend

The biggest mess when it comes to remodeling is dust. Whether you’re taking walls out, adjusting the electric wiring, or repainting, you’re bound to have issues with dust. That dust can be a pain to clean, and it can give you a headache if it lingers for too long. The best way to keep it from spreading is to use a tarp to seal off the area. Duct tape the tarp so that there are no gaps. If you have any furniture or belongings you want to keep especially safe from remodeling dust, throw a tarp over that, as well. Plastic tarps can be reused until they’re worn down and then you may be able to recycle them.

Open the Windows

This may not directly lead to less cleanup, but it will make the cleanup more bearable. Whether it’s remodeling dust or the smell of paint, remodeling can carry with it an overwhelming odor, and it can be unhealthy to breathe in long term. Keep your windows open so that fresh air circulates through the home, and so those unpleasant stenches disperse.

Clean Up After Each Day

How do you eat an elephant? One bite at a time. The same applies to your remodeling cleanup. While it can seem massively daunting to have to clean everything up at the end of a weekend of remodeling, the job will seem much more manageable if you clean after each day. Make sure to vacuum, clear out the remodeling dust as best you can, and get rid of any scraps you no longer need. While you’re at it, make sure you check your recycling company’s list of acceptable materials so you know what to recycle.

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