Top 5 Types of Household Waste to Repurpose in the Garden

Although throwing a piece of garbage in the household trash can and then putting it out on collection day to be removed from your life is simple, that much extra effort is needed to repurpose and reuse some of it to benefit your surroundings. Not only does a reduction of household waste help you to go green and protect the environment, but it can also lead to a healthier garden right where you live.

Before you toss another piece of trash in the garbage or put it in a recycle bin, first consider if it can be repurposed for your garden and landscaping design. Consider these five regular household items that can help increase the green:

1 – Yard Waste

Not only do grass clippings, hedge trimmings and wood chips easily break down into wonderful organic composting, but reusing them in your garden can make the amount of energy you normally use a by cutting, mowing and trimming more efficient.

All these materials can be used directly in your garden has a mulch or weed blocker or they can be added to a compost pile. Over time, they will turn into rich, black compost.

2 – Kitchen Scraps and Cuttings

Any non-meat or fish waste from your kitchen and cooking can be used to add nutrients to the garden soil. Vegetable and fruit cuttings and scraps add quite a bit of organic energy to a compost bin. With the millions of tons of food that go to waste every year in the United States alone, recycling the scraps from your kitchen can help. You can also use bread and bakery goods as well as things like egg shells in your compost.

3 – Used Paper and Cardboard

Sheets of cardboard and newspapers have long been used as a weed barrier in gardens. If you have a paper shredder, it is easy to make the type of the mulch that will let more water down but to grade over time into additional soil components.

4 – Laundry Room Waste

Dryer lint, as long as it is relatively chemical free, is an excellent addition to a compost bin or pile. Although it does not add many nutrients or much volume, it is a great way to repurpose your former garbage in a green energy way. Odd socks and damaged clothing can be torn to make plants ties or markers for your garden rows.

5 – From the Fireplace

If you enjoy a cozy fire in the fireplace on a winter’s night, you know that they result in a lot of ash. This can also come from outdoor fireplaces were even barbecues in which you burn actual paper and wood. Do not put ashes that are heavily tainted with starter fluid or non-organic materials in your garden. However, the wood and paper ash is a wonderful way to repurpose what would have ended up in the garbage can otherwise.