When it comes to waste management, plastic bottles are a notorious problem. Over 60 million plastic bottles are thrown away every year, and most of those end up in landfills or incinerators. While some might swear off bottled water completely, this isn’t a solution for everyone and it wouldn’t completely eradicate the plastic bottle problem. There are still bottles of soda, juice, coffee creamer, and so on.

A smarter solution is in recycling those plastic bottles, and maybe even better, finding ways to reuse them. Here are a few creative solutions:

Pen Cups

Do you have a lot of pens and pencils and nowhere to store them all? Maybe you have a little one who needs a solution so that they can stop losing their crayons? If that’s the case, you could use old plastic bottles to store your pens, pencils, and other creative utensils. You may want to cut off the neck of the bottle (and recycle it, of course), but the body makes a perfect cup for your needs.

Watering Can

Are you an avid gardener? You can buy a watering can in stores or online — or you can turn an old plastic bottle into the perfect watering can. For this one, you’ll probably need a larger bottle, such as a laundry detergent bottle. Make sure it’s thoroughly cleaned before you start. Then poke some holes in the lid and fill it up with water. All there is left to do is find your plants and give them the sprinkling of water they need to thrive.


This summer has been hot, and sometimes all you need is a sprinkler to help cool off in your own yard. It’s great for your lawn, but it’s also great for kids or the whole family to make a game of running through. Here’s how you can use a plastic bottle to make that happen: take a 2-litre bottle and poke holes through one side of the body. Next, attach your water hose to the mouth of the bottle. Finally, lay the bottle in the grass with the hole-side face-up. Turn your water on, and presto, a free and eco-friendly sprinkler.


Want to attract birds to your yard? Use an old plastic bottle as a bird feeder. You can use wooden spoons or pencils as a ledge, or you can use the bottom of another bottle as the base of the feeder. Fill with birdseed and watch the birds flock to you. You can also do something similar to create a slow feeder for cats who eat too fast. One horizontal half of the feeder will hold the food that’s ready to eat while the vertical half will store the food that trickles out as the kitty continues to eat.


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