Going Green Made Easy: Our Journey Toward Sustainability

Living a more eco-friendly life is on the minds of many these days, and for good reason. We believe it's essential to take steps toward sustainability to protect our planet for future generations. But where do we start, and how difficult is it to go green? The good news is [...]

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America Recycles Day 2019

November 15 is the 22nd America Recycles Day, dedicated to educating and encouraging residents throughout America to recycle and live a greener, closer to zero-waste life. There are events all around the country to help you get into the spirit, and you can even organize an event yourself. But what [...]

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5 Interesting Facts About Recycling

According to Recycling Across America, recycling is collapsing in the United States, despite the environmental crisis becoming more and more urgent. 25% of recycling plants from the largest recycling hauler have been closed, and over 1,000 recycling centers and processing plants have been closed in California alone. They attribute much [...]

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All About Hazardous Waste and What to Do With It

If you’ve taken a look at our recycling guidelines, you’ve probably noticed the last point: “no food waste or hazardous material can be accepted!!” We’re pretty adamant about it. In fact, you’d be hard-pressed to find a trash and recycling company anywhere that allows hazardous waste to be picked up, [...]

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What To Do With Your Food Scraps This Holiday Season

It happens every year: Thanksgiving and Christmas dinners come and go, leaving behind more food scraps than you know what to do with the next day. Maybe in your household there’s a matter of drawing straws to decide who does the dishes for the night, or trying to pass food [...]

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The Real Impact of Recycling

Recycling took off as a popular environmental movement in the 1970s, though in actuality, it had existed in some form or another for thousands of years. It was a way for every citizen to do their part in protecting the environment, not to mention a way to make a little [...]

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5 Ways to Go Green AND Save Money

Why is it that the things supposedly good for you are often more expensive? Whether it’s food, home appliances, or gym memberships, it can be tough to make positive changes when you’re on a tight budget. Fortunately, you don’t have to break the bank in your goal to go green [...]

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Spring Cleaning Made Greener

Spring cleaning is almost upon us. Among all the hours of house cleaning, reorganizing, and clearing the patio of debris left by the winter, you’re bound to have plenty of trash that will need throwing out. Do you know what to recycle and what to toss into the garbage? And [...]

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How Smart Waste Management Can Protect Wildlife

image by pixabay It’s no secret that the waste problem in America and throughout the world has an impact on wildlife. Pictures surface every year of ducks, lizards, or other animals with plastic packaging rings caught around their necks. Polluted ocean water causes hundreds of whales and dolphins [...]

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