All About Hazardous Waste and What to Do With It

If you’ve taken a look at our recycling guidelines, you’ve probably noticed the last point: “no food waste or hazardous material can be accepted!!” We’re pretty adamant about it. In fact, you’d be hard-pressed to find a trash and recycling company anywhere that allows hazardous waste to be picked up, [...]

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Waste and Recycling Resolutions for 2019

The time has come again to look to the year ahead, and everything we want to accomplish. There’s something about the end of the year that lends itself to reflection and a drive for self-improvement. For some, that might be financial goals, while others might make a goal to get [...]

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The Real Impact of Recycling

Recycling took off as a popular environmental movement in the 1970s, though in actuality, it had existed in some form or another for thousands of years. It was a way for every citizen to do their part in protecting the environment, not to mention a way to make a little [...]

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5 Ways to Go Green AND Save Money

Why is it that the things supposedly good for you are often more expensive? Whether it’s food, home appliances, or gym memberships, it can be tough to make positive changes when you’re on a tight budget. Fortunately, you don’t have to break the bank in your goal to go green [...]

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4 Common Recycling Mistakes

Most people know that recycling is a good practice. It reduces your waste and helps to make your community, and your world, a little cleaner. So there are several Brazos Valley residents with all the best intentions who might not realize that they’re actually making some common mistakes when it [...]

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4 Ways to Upcycle Shredded Tires

It would be nice if car tires never shredded or blew and thus never needed to be replaced, but sadly that’s not reality. It’s not just a pain to change and replace tires, it can be a pain to dispose of old tires, too. Left in landfills, tires tend to [...]

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Spring Cleaning Made Greener

Spring cleaning is almost upon us. Among all the hours of house cleaning, reorganizing, and clearing the patio of debris left by the winter, you’re bound to have plenty of trash that will need throwing out. Do you know what to recycle and what to toss into the garbage? And [...]

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3 Ways to Keep Food Out of the Garbage

image by pixabay Americans throw away about 40% of our food supply each year. When restaurants make too much food, or their customers don’t finish their meal, it goes in the trash. When you overprepare for the holidays, it goes in the trash. When food goes bad too [...]

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