Reusing Old Clothes: An Easy Way to Save Money and Reduce Waste

Clothes are so easy to reuse, yet so many families just don’t take the time to really think about how they can reuse their clothes. There are at least half a dozen different ways you can put your old clothes to new uses.

Here are a few tips you can do with your old clothes, instead of throwing them away.

1.  Pass Them Down to Younger Generations
If your child has a younger brother or sister, perhaps they could make use of it. Very expensive pieces of clothing, like tuxedos or wedding gowns, are often passed down from father to son or mother to daughter.

This doesn’t work for cheaper styles of clothing unless you’re really looking to conserve money, as many kids just don’t want to wear old clothing. If money’s a big issue or if your kids don’t mind, however, this is a great way to reuse.

2.  As Cloths for Kitchen Counters or Bathroom Floors
If a piece of clothing is truly worthless, just cut it up and use the fabric to wipe down your various kitchen and bathroom surfaces.

3. Sell Clothes to a Used Clothing Shop
Used clothing shops will often pay money for used, stylish types of clothing.

Generally they won’t take clothing that doesn’t have something special about it. If it was your favorite shirt or pair of jeans, however, there’s a good chance you could get some money for it.

4.  Sell Used Clothes on eBay
Another option is to sell them on eBay. EBay allows you to get the maximum bang for your buck from great pieces of clothing that you don’t wear anymore.

Generally, in order to sell on eBay there needs to be an established value to the piece of clothing, or something unique about it. Vintage clothing, brand name jeans or unique T-Shirts will do well. Generic clothing won’t get that much attention.

5. Donate Them!

If none of these options appeal to you, you can always just donate your old clothes. Just pack them all up in a box, then drive them down to your local Goodwill or Salvation Army. They’ll accept your clothes, wash them, then sell them. All the proceeds will go to a good cause.

Alternatively, you could donate your clothing to a homeless shelter.

6. Leave Them on the Sidewalk
If you’re really short on time but still want to do something more with your clothes than just throw them away, try just leaving them on the sidewalk. You can put up a sign that says “Take Me!” next to the clothes.

Chances are, someone who needs the clothes more than you will come by and pick them up.


7. Quilt them up!
Cut your unwanted clothes up into strips and squares and create beautiful custom quilts. Think about all the wonderful ways you can stitch those colors and patterns into new and creative works of art!
With so many different ways to reuse old clothing, there’s really no reason to ever throw away your clothes. At the very least, donate your clothes so someone else gets some use out of them.