Kids' Stuff: New Uses for Your Child's Throwaways

Kids throw a lot of things away. They eat and throw away the box. They play with new toys and throw away the old ones. It’s natural – most kids don’t quite understand the concepts of conservation or environmentalism yet. That’s okay.

Reusing your child’s old stuff is a fantastic way to teach your child to conserve. You can make new uses for old stuff, while helping your child develop great habits for the future.

Here are a few ways you can reuse your child’s old stuff.

==> Old Lunchboxes

Kids will often tire of their old lunchboxes and want new ones. What should you do with the old ones when you buy a new one?

One idea is to turn the old lunch box into a first aid kit. Fill the lunch box with Band-Aids, disinfectants, peroxide and so on. Teach your child about first aid, while teaching them how to conserve.

Another idea is to use it as a sewing box. Both plastic and metallic lunch boxes are very sturdy, so needles won’t poke through. It’s the perfect size for storing needles, thread and other sewing equipment.

==> Homework Paper, Scrap Paper

Kids go through a lot of paper. After a math assignment for example, they’ll often just toss out all the paper they used to do that assignment.

Instead of letting all that paper go to waste, why not think of some creative uses?

For example, just flip the paper over and use it as scratch paper. Keep some of this paper on hand next to your phone, so you can quickly jot down phone numbers and notes while you’re on the phone.

You can also use this paper as fodder for a homemade paper project. Teach your kids how to recycle by showing them the recycling process. Buy a paper making kit and turn your old paper into new paper with your kids!

==> Kiddy Pools

Kiddy pools are fantastic fun for many years. However, undoubtedly your kids will eventually outgrow the pool. Throwing away something as significant as a kiddy pool sends the wrong message, though – instead, here are a couple things you can do.

First, you can turn your kiddy pool into a garden. Just carve a few large holes on the bottom so plants can plant roots. Then plant your seeds in fertile soil within the pool and watch it sprout!

Another idea is to turn your kiddy pool into a pet or dog pool. Fill it up on weekends, throw your dog in and play water-fetch or swim with your dog.

All of these ideas will help you save money and reuse, but more importantly will allow you to teach your child how to conserve early on in life.