Top 5 Types of Household Waste to Repurpose in the Garden

Although throwing a piece of garbage in the household trash can and then putting it out on collection day to be removed from your life is simple, that much extra effort is needed to repurpose and reuse some of it to benefit your surroundings.

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Reusing Old Clothes: An Easy Way to Save Money and Reduce Waste

Clothes are so easy to reuse, yet so many families just don't take the time to really think about how they can reuse their clothes. There are at least half a dozen different ways you can put your old clothes to new uses. Here are a few tips you can do with your old clothes, instead of throwing them away.

2015-12-15T16:54:42+00:00December 15th, 2015|

Kids’ Stuff: New Uses for Your Child’s Throwaways

Reducing household waste is everyone's responsibility. By reducing waste, you'll reduce your environmental impact, influence the people around you to do the same and improve the planet as a whole. Here are a few ways you can quickly cut down your household waste.

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Linens, Towels and Sheets: Don’t Just Throw Them Out!

Linens, towels and sheets will inevitably get old and need to be thrown out. Not so fast, however - Just because you don't want to sleep on them or use them after a shower doesn't mean they don't have other uses. In fact, linens, towels and sheets can often be [...]

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